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Ensuring the Highest Standards of Quality: Analysis Report of Our Products

We understand the importance of providing our customers with the finest products. As part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we conduct comprehensive analyses of our dried herbs. In this article, we present an analysis report that highlights the parameters evaluated and the results obtained, ensuring that our dried herbs meet the highest standards of purity and freshness.

Analysis Parameters:

  1. Excreta: We conduct tests to ensure that our dried herbs are free from any excreta or fecal matter that could indicate contamination.
  2. Extraneous Matter: We carefully examine the dried herbs to identify and eliminate any extraneous matter such as dirt, stones, or other foreign substances.
  3. Foreign Matter: Our analysis focuses on detecting and removing any foreign matter that may have inadvertently entered the dried herbs during the processing or packaging stages.
  4. Insects: We conduct thorough inspections to ensure that our dried herbs are free from any insects, larvae, or eggs that could compromise their quality and safety.
  5. Stems/Sticks: We evaluate the presence of stems or sticks in our dried herbs, ensuring that they contain only the desired plant parts.
  6. Visual Mold: We visually inspect the dried herbs to detect any signs of mold growth, ensuring that the products are mold-free.
  7. Bulk Index/Density: We measure the bulk density of our dried herbs, which provides important information about their quality, consistency, and packing efficiency.
  8. Volatile Oil: We analyze the volatile oil content of the herbs, which contributes to their aroma, flavor, and therapeutic properties.
  9. Moisture: Moisture content is a critical parameter in dried herbs. We measure and control the moisture levels to prevent microbial growth, degradation, and spoilage.
  10. Ash: Ash content analysis helps determine the purity and mineral content of our dried herbs.
  11. AIA (Adulterants and Impurities): We employ advanced techniques to detect any adulterants or impurities that may have been introduced during the production or processing stages.
  12. Heavy & Light Filth: Our analysis includes screening for heavy and light filth, ensuring that our dried herbs are free from any undesirable particles.
  13. Appearance: We evaluate the overall appearance of the dried herbs, ensuring that they meet our visual standards of quality and freshness.
  14. Aroma/Flavor: We assess the aroma and flavor profiles of our dried herbs, which are important indicators of their quality and sensory attributes.
  15. Purity: We conduct tests to ensure the purity of our dried herbs, confirming that they contain no contaminants or adulterants.
  16. Taste: We evaluate the taste of our dried herbs, ensuring that they deliver the desired sensory experience to our customers.

Method of Analysis:

To conduct the analysis, we employ advanced laboratory techniques and equipment, including granulation tests, bulk density measurements, chemical tests, light filth tests, and more. Our experienced and trained analysts follow standardized procedures and adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the analysis process.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality dried herbs. Through our comprehensive analysis, we ensure that our products meet rigorous standards of purity, freshness, and safety. By evaluating various parameters and employing state-of-the-art analytical methods, we guarantee that our dried herbs are free from contaminants, foreign matter, mold, and other undesirable elements. We are proud to deliver products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring a delightful culinary experience and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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